Ocean City Boardwalk - how close is close enough?

One of the most frequently asked questions from potential guests at Ocean Colony 7, our oceanfront vacation rental home in Ocean City, Maryland is:

How close are you to the Boardwalk?

Happily, Ocean Colony 7 is close to the Boardwalk.

But not too close.

The Ocean City Boardwalk starts at the Inlet, the most Southern point of Ocean City, and extends north to 27th Street.  The Boardwalk has a ton of fun things to do, rain or shine:

  • Amusement rides?  Yep!
  • Beach food like Fishers popcorn, Candy Kitchen taffy, Thrasher's french fries?  Yep! 
  • T-shirt shops and arcades? Yep!

But the Boardwalk can also have a ton of crowds, loud music and rough characters that make you want to hold onto your children as they walk by.

So when it comes to a vacation rental, how close to the Boardwalk is close enough?

Close enough is being able to easily get to the Boardwalk and then easily get back home to the tranquility of the beach house.

One of the best things about Ocean Colony 7's midtown Ocean City location is the proximity and convenience to the Boardwalk:

  • the Ocean City Beach Bus stops right on our street, 48th Street.  The bus takes you right down Coastal Highway to the Boardwalk.  And you can ride the bus all day for $3.  
  • 48th Street also has a traffic light, so its easy to make a left turn by car onto Coastal Highway and drive to the Inlet parking lot.  You can park all day at the Inlet for just a few dollars.

And when you're sunburned, full of beach food and just plain done with Boardwalk people watching, you're only a short ride back to the beach house.

Ocean Colony 7 is an oceanfront townhouse with four bedrooms, five decks, a private garage, private beach and a pool.

And its just close enough to the Boardwalk.

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