7 perfect days in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean Colony 7 has the ultimate insider's guide to the best-ever family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.

The kids get bikes on the Boardwalk, 
sandcastles and sundaes, 
pancakes and ponies, 
mini-golf and movies and...


Dad gets a bay fishing trip, 
brewery tour, 
and all-you-can-eat crabs.

And Mom, 
who most likely planned the whole vacation so that everyone else has fun, 
gets a surfing lesson, 
art class, 
shopping (natch) and 
very special, one-on-one beach walk/talk time with each family member - 

But that's not all.  

There's also a game plan for a (rare) rainy day.  

You are so set!

 7 Perfect Days in Ocean City MD guide

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