The best Ocean City souvenir not available in stores

T-shirts, hermit crabs, salt water taffy.

They're all popular souvenirs from Ocean City, Maryland.

But they're also ordinary.  And you're not ordinary, right?

So here's how to get the best Ocean City souvenir.  And you can't get it in any store.

Its part beach and part you.

The beach and you - perfect together.  Together forever in your 'beach vacation in a jar.'

(Because its hard to press shells into a scrapbook.)

To make your own beach vacation jar, collect these items on your trip:

Start with a glass or plastic jar.  You could buy a fancy jar.  Or one from the supermarket.  My jar came with pickles.

Next, add sand.  And shells.

To personalize the jar, add your favorite family vacation photos.  And some favorite artifacts from the area - maybe a map, a ticket stub or similar.

My jar contains a paper cutout of the Ocean City Boardwalk from our mini-Ocean City.

I labeled the jar with Ocean City in gold vinyl letters.  You could also use a paint pen.

White lights will give your beach vacation in a jar sparkle and shine.

And that's the opposite of ordinary.

an oceanfront vacation home
in Ocean City, Maryland