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Ocean City, Maryland Gift Guide

Are you missing the sights and flavors of Ocean City, Maryland?

The beauty of the ocean waves crashing on the sand...

treats from the Boardwalk and Old Bay spice on steamed blue crabs...

the spunky and iconic black, red and gold of the Maryland state flag?

Bring Ocean City, Maryland home with the treasures featured in the Ocean Colony 7 gift guide.

Made in Maryland, loved everywhere!

Ocean City Maryland gift guide from Ocean Colony 7 oceanfront vacation rental home

One:  More delicious than you can imagine Old Bay spiced chocolates, handmade by Maryland girl, Sarah Dwyer for her company Chouquette.

Two:  Abstract art print of the Ocean City, Maryland coastline by Washington, DC artist Bhaval Shah Bell for her company Cartoloji.

Three:  Cute as a button Maryland jewelry by Baltimore girl Kristy Sacha for her company Simply Sacha.

Four:  Cookbook from Maryland brewery Flying Dog with dishes from like crab cake sandwiches and Old Bay peanut brittle ice cream.  100% of the proceeds from cookbook benefits True Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay’s 5,500 watermen and promotes the sustainable harvest of the Maryland Blue Crab.

Five:  Straight from the Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk,  Fisher's Popcorn ships right to your door in a selection of decorative tins.

an oceanfront vacation rental home
in Ocean City, Maryland


Old Bay Green Smoothie on the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Vacation time in Ocean City, Maryland -

You're feeling stuffed from french fries and fudge

Even riding bikes on the boardwalk didn't burn all of the calories

Ready to make it up to yourself?

Head back to your oceanfront beach house and...

blend up this fresh and spicy Old Bay Green Smoothie

Old Bay Green Smoothie at Ocean Colony 7 in Ocean City, Maryland


Nautical beach house bunk room - Maryland style

Staying up late, sharing secrets, making grand plans..

One of the best part of a kids' vacation to Ocean City is the beach house bunk room experience.

A deck with a view of the pool and bay.  

Flat screen tv, DVD player and Wii game console.  

And, of course, bunk beds!

Beach house bunk room at Ocean Colony 7

an oceanfront vacation rental home
in Ocean City, Maryland


The best Ocean City souvenir not available in stores

T-shirts, hermit crabs, salt water taffy.

They're all popular souvenirs from Ocean City, Maryland.

But they're also ordinary.  And you're not ordinary, right?

So here's how to get the best Ocean City souvenir.  And you can't get it in any store.

Its part beach and part you.


7 perfect days in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean Colony 7 has the ultimate insider's guide to the best-ever family vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.

The kids get bikes on the Boardwalk, 
sandcastles and sundaes, 
pancakes and ponies, 
mini-golf and movies and...


Oceanfront beauty at Ocean Colony 7

there's nothing more beautiful than the way 

the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, 

no matter how many times it's sent away